Deeper Castable,Smart Fish Finder
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Deeper Castable,Smart Fish Finder

Model: DP0H10S10
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  • BRAND: Deeper
  • BREED: Castable,Smart
Product Description:

Deeper - Castable, Smart Fishfinder

No installation, wires, external batteries, or frustrating weight.

Portable, tennis ball size device allows you to fish any time of the year and in places other fish finders cannot reach - shore, dock, bridge, kayak, or boat. Versatile sonar gives you more features than most traditional sonars. The unique, wireless technology helps you gather intelligence anywhere you go. Once you attach Deeper sonar to your fishing line, you instantly receive information about fish, bottom contour, structure, depth, water temperature and even more–anywhere you cast.


Deeper sonar uses Bluetooth technology to transfer sonar readings to your device from up to 150 feet (45 meters). No cellular data required for the sonar to operate, thus it can be used anywhere. Deeper is a dual frequency sonar that allows you to cover both wide area for ample search and narrow for high accuracy returns. The smart sonar works in the depths from 1.5 feet (0.5 meter) to 40 feet (40 meter), both salt and fresh waters. With the weight of only 0.22 pound/ 100 gram and 2.6-inch/ 65 millimeter diameter, Deeper is smaller and lighter than any other traditional sonar or flasher. Compact, lightweight and easy to use Deeper smart sonar is the ideal fishing companion for every angler.

Shore Angling - Deeper allows you to easily explore and quickly find best fishing spots. Simply tie the device to your fishing line, cast it and reel in at a slow, steady rate. The sonar beam scans the area and transmits all data in real time to your smartphone or tablet.

Kayak Fishing - Turn your smartphone or tablet into the sonar system that you can take anywhere you drift. Simply tie Deeper to the line, cast and reveal fish targets, rocks, submerged trees, drop offs and bottom contour.

Boat Fishing - Powerful, compact and space saving device is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to use the sonar on their own or friend's boat. Explore the water and fish like a pro with a tennis ball size fish finder attached to your boat.

Operational depth range - 3 - 130ft

Connectivity range - up to 150 ft

Deeper is supplied with attachment Bolts, USB wire cable & Mini Pouch

Check the below url for Video on using Deeper:

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