Major Craft JigPara Micro Slim 15g Shore Jigs
#4 Blue Pink (JPMSL15) - 15g
Rs   420.00

#17 Keimura UV Shirasu(JPMSL15) - 15g
Rs 420.00


Major Craft JigPara Micro Slim 15g Shore Jigs

Model: MC-JPMSL15#4
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  • BRAND: Major Craft
  • BREED: JigPara Micro Slim 15g
  • WT: 15 g
  • COLOUR: #4 Blue Pink (JPMSL15) - 15g
  • COLOUR: #17 Keimura UV Shirasu(JPMSL15) - 15g
Product Description:

Shore casting Jig - JIGPARA... These high-potential Jig "JIGPARA" have ultimate casing distance and can correspond to various action. In reference to shore casting game, the casting distance is very important. The compact body shape helps to creat ultimate casting distance. And the shape helps to control the friction also while jerking speedy & slowly against water. It’s center balance design trigger their predator nature and it’s easy to use.

Shore casting jig - JIGPARA Micro Slim

JIGPAR Micro Slim for super light game. 5-layered coating and Japanese original hooks.  7g & 15g have front single keeper hook & rear treble hook.

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