Bomber Fat Free Shad Hard Lures
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Bomber Fat Free Shad Hard Lures

Model: BL-BD7F-ESP
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  • BRAND: Bomber
  • BREED: Fat Free Shad
  • LENGTH: 7.62cm
  • HOOK SIZE: #2 Tx3
  • SWIMMING DEPTH: 14 to 18 ft
  • WT: 21gm
Product Description:

To become legendary a crankbait must possess certain characteristics. Its got to come through cover with minimal snags. Its got to track straight right out of the package. It needs quality components for durability. Shape, color pattern, diving depth and action all play important roles. Above all, its got to catch fish. Back in the early 1990s, legendary angler Bill Dance was looking to create the perfect crankbait, and working with engineers at Bomber developed the first Fat Free Shad. He was looking for a crankbait that dived deep and was neither too fat nor too thin. The bait they created proved its worth immediately with a win in the 1995 Bassmaster Classic. The Fat Free lineup has grown to eight sizes/diving depths since this incredible beginning. From the shallow-running Fat Free Fry to the full-sized Fat Free Shad, and with no fewer than 30 color patterns, there’s a Fat Free to fit any situation. Bill Dance himself has a series of six of his own color patterns. The Fat Free Shad family is a staple in smart anglers tackle boxes and is responsible for more than $1 million in tournament winnings. Its the go-to crankbait for many anglers for the simple reason that it flat-out catches fish. And after all, thats really what a crankbait is all about.

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