Sebile Bonga Minnow S & S 125mm / 60g Hard Lures
True Shad Gold(IS10)
Rs   980.00

Natural Dorado(NDD)
Rs 980.00


Sebile Bonga Minnow S & S 125mm / 60g Hard Lures

Model: SL-BMS&S125FL-IS10
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  • BRAND: Sebile
  • BREED: Bonga Minnow S & S 125mm / 60g
  • CATEGORY TYPE: Topwater walking action ba
  • LENGTH: 125mm
  • WT: 60g
  • COLOUR: True Shad Gold(IS10)
  • COLOUR: Natural Dorado(NDD)
Product Description:

The Bonga is a bait like no other. With its fat round head and narrow tail, the bait is extremely agile for its size. Easily moving through turbulent waters without compromising action. All components are re-enforced so the "Big One" wont get away. Great for use with super-lines, this bait is on the hunt for our next trophy! Subtle Twitches of the rod tip will make the bait glide back and forth in a walking manner, While Rips will send it plunging under with erratic darts.

  • Foam filled bodies resist water log increase usability timespan when catching toothy fish
  • Most lure colors are painted from the inside before assembly to keep the main color of the lure even after extended use
  • Extreemely Heavy duty construiction - Full heavy wire reinforce, Super Heavy duty 6X large hooks
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