Sebile Koolie Minnow LL S & S136mm Hard Lures
True Shad Gold(IS10)
Rs   890.00

Mackerel Blues(IS16)
Rs 890.00

White Orange Stripe(IS06)
Rs 890.00


Sebile Koolie Minnow LL S & S136mm Hard Lures

Model: SL-KMS&S136FL-IS10
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  • BRAND: Sebile
  • BREED: Koolie Minnow LL S & S136mm
  • CATEGORY TYPE: Ultra-deep diving casting/trolling Floating Minnow
  • LENGTH: 136mm
  • SWIMMING DEPTH: Up to 46 ft
  • WT: 45g
  • COLOUR: True Shad Gold(IS10)
  • COLOUR: Mackerel Blues(IS16)
  • COLOUR: White Orange Stripe(IS06)
Product Description:

The Koolie Minnow LL S&S is designed with the unique capacity to dive to depths that other lures of its kind can't reach. The design of its strong, wire-reinforced lip allows a steep dive and an easy retrieve in comparison to other baits of its kind. Since the unique bridged lip is extended away from the body, it uses the entire surface area and dives more efficiently as well as providing much less resistance on the troll or retrieve than any other baits, permitting you to reach fish that can't be reached with conventional lures.

No other lure can master the depths with this enticingly wide wobble and ease of retrieve. It's our must-have deep diver trolling bait. You may optimize the diving depth like designer Patrick Sébile does by using braided line instead of monofilament. Also, fishing a wide range of depths is as easy as using a shorter or longer length of line while trolling.

The body and tail of the Koolie Minnow gives it unprecedented wobble and action. Its fleshy roundness and protruding eyes generate aggressive strikes like no other. Use it as a jerk bait, crank bait, slow rolled, or even trolled to hook up and catch fish! Jerk bait: Upon retrieve, the bait maintains a tight wobble. Vary the retrieve with jerks and twitches allowing the bait to suspend in the strike zone. Crank Minnow: Dives to the desired depth and will slowly wise when retrieve is stopped often triggering the strike.

  • Foam filled bodies resist water log increase usability timespan when catching toothy fish
  • Most lure colors are painted from the inside before assembly to keep the main color of the lure even after extended use
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