Sebile Magic Swimmer 110mm Hard Lures
Natural Blue Back Herring(NBBH)(No Stock)
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Silver Gold Back(SGB)(No Stock)
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Sebile Magic Swimmer 110mm Hard Lures

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  • BRAND: Sebile
  • BREED: Magic Swimmer 110mm
  • CATEGORY TYPE: Jointed Fast sinking Swim bait
  • LENGTH: 110mm
  • SWIMMING DEPTH: 2 - 4 ft
  • WT: 21g
  • COLOUR: Natural Blue Back Herring(NBBH)
  • COLOUR: Silver Gold Back(SGB)
Product Description:

What is the number one action that fish go for? It's a falling action, and the magic Swimmer fast Sinking (FSK) has it! As a result of its unique and heavy balance, the FSK will swim magically while sinking without reeling. This gives you something totally new and unique, as you can use the Magic Swimmer FSK with a regular, steady reeling and it'll swim amazingly lifelike but you can also stop reeling to let it wriggle and undulate beautifully on the fall! The angler needs to do nothing to get this action. It's designed to happen automatically. As it swims as it falls, it creates all its own underwater signals to attract predators, and therein lays its benefit to you.

You will be amazed by the effectiveness of this bait with such little movement required by the angler! Even fast-hunting predators are used to finding dying prey; they are a delicacy to them as well as an easy meal. And, so is your magic Swimmer FSK as it falls with built in swimming action.

But don't limit yourself to what you can do with it either, because you can use it with many different speed retrieves and various angler-imparted rod actions. There's no right or wrong way to use one, yet always remember that you can count on the Magic FSK to do its job when if falls, as that's often when many strikes happen. Simply, this lure works for you and will catch many fish for you if you let it fall a few times during your retrieve.

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