Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow (SP) 90mm Hard Lures
Clown (CR)(No Stock)
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Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow (SP) 90mm Hard Lures

Model: YHL-R467-CR
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  • BRAND: Yo-Zuri
  • BREED: Crystal Minnow (SP) 90mm
  • LENGTH: 90mm
  • HOOK SIZE: PS # 2
  • WT: 15g
  • COLOUR: Clown (CR)
Product Description:

The Crystal Minnow Suspending lure follows in the footsteps of its floating and sinking namesakes with unmatched looks, action, and attraction. The difference is that these suspending lures swim frantically to a depth of 24-36 inches and stay there—even if you stop your retrieve and let the lure sit. Not surprisingly, a number of anglers report that most of their strikes occur with lure at rest—suspended at just the right depth for sub-surface feeders. The Crystal Minnow Suspending features a streamlined body and brilliant holographic finish that lights up in the water... even in low light. In every way, it's the perfect clone of a frightened baitfish.

The Crystal Minnow Suspending can be fished in a retrieve-pause, a slow to moderate steady retrieve, or in a twitch-pause-retrieve fashion. Its radical side-to-side swimming action and flashing life-like brilliance is too much for any fresh or saltwater gamefish to resist—whether it's on the move or suspended right where a predator wants it.

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