GT-BIO Size X5 / 100Lb Split rings
Rs   230.00

GT-BIO Size X5 / 100Lb Split rings

Model: GTB-SR-X5
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  • BREED: Size X5 / 100Lb
  • MOC: SUS Stainless Steel
  • SIZE: X3
  • UNITS/ PACK: 10
  • COLOUR: Steel
Product Description:

Size XL5 / Rated for 100Lbs

Inner Diameter - 7.0mm

Breaking the tradition of the round wire, GT-BIO split rings have flat polished surfaces, which means they are more compact and less susceptible to stretch and deformation.

Made from special SUS Stainless steel of highest quality, which has been de-burred to avoid line damages and to deliver highest performance and reliability.

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