GT-BIO Super Prado 25g Metal Lure
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GT-BIO Super Prado 25g Metal Lure

Model: GTB-SP25GR | Brand :
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  • BREED: Super Prado 25g
  • LENGTH: 4.8cm
  • HOOK SIZE: # 2
  • WT: 25g
  • COLOUR: Gold-Red
Product Description:

The Super Prado is direct sinking and designed for getting down in the fastest times possible. The one piece design incorporates lateral reflective pyramids with luminescent materials to provide the best possible reflection and glow, even in pitch black water conditions. Want to fish VIB lures at night or ultra deep then choose the Super Prado. No other VIB lure offers you such flexibility.

  • Emphasizes the focus of gravity to play a fast attack and long casting performance, while increased the head and mouth area and special groove design.
  • Two-hole variable center of gravity back device selectable for the fishermen, easily change the sinking speed and tail beat frequency, to improve the catch rate.
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