GT-BIO Eudemon 15g / 20g Metal Lure
Gold 20g (6.1cm)
Rs 320.00

Silver 15g (5.5cm)
Rs   310.00


GT-BIO Eudemon 15g / 20g Metal Lure

Model: GTB-EM15S | Brand :
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  • BREED: Eudemon 15g / 20g
  • COLOUR: Silver 15g (5.5cm)
  • COLOUR: Gold 20g (6.1cm)
Product Description:

The GT-BIO Metal Lures are a designed by takeing the advantages of both spoons and lures. It has the distance and depth capablity of a spoon and the fish attracting action of a lure.

The Eudemon shape was designed to roughly imitate that of a shrimp. The incorporation of the tongue design gives the lure a strong wagging action to the lure. In the past lures of such shape were constructed of resin and were limited in depth but the Eudemon is alloy and can run much deeper without the need for lead weights that result in restricted action.

The triangular curved body design not only aids in reflection but due to the towing point locations provides a direct line to hook axis. The centre design provides the lure with an action similar to a VIB but unique in its own way.

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