GT-BIO Proboscis Prado 15g / 20g Metal Lure
Gold -15g (7cm)
Rs   370.00

Silver 20g (7.2cm)
Rs 380.00


GT-BIO Proboscis Prado 15g / 20g Metal Lure

Model: GTB-PP15G | Brand :
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  • BREED: Proboscis Prado 15g / 20g
  • COLOUR: Gold -15g (7cm)
  • COLOUR: Silver 20g (7.2cm)
Product Description:

The GT-Bio Metal Lures are a designed by takeing the advantages of both spoons and lures. It has the distance and depth capablity of a spoon and the fish attracting action of a lure.

The Proboscus Prado is a VIB/Blade lure designed to be bumped and jigged along the bottom, in and around timber. The elongated trunk like nose design has been patented by GT-Bio and is unique to this lure. This patented design aids in the lures ability to bump over timber and obstacles while avoiding hang-ups.

The design of the nose have the patent.When it crash something will rebound ,and the swim action just like the fish foraging or frightened to escape.That will be reduce the probability of hanging.

According to different fishing locations and diverse habits of fish, our specialists designed 3 holes on its dorsal fin creating three different focused centers of gravity, easily adjusting its sinking speed and tail swinging, therefore, improving hooking rate.

The design of two holes on the tail satisfies anglers who admire its special swimming action caused by different center of gravity.

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