GT-BIO Viper 15g / 20g Spoons
Gold - 20g (5.4cm)(No Stock)
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GT-BIO Viper 15g / 20g Spoons

Model: GTB-VIP15P | Brand :
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  • BREED: Viper 15g / 20g
  • COLOUR: Gold - 20g (5.4cm)
Product Description:

Viper 15g / 20g

The tail of the Viper has been uniquely designed to produce a spoon that is both long shot design and high action with a twin water diversion design providing both a lively action on the drop as well as turbulence on the retrieve. The multiple concaves also assist in producing multiple angle reflections and flashes when the spoon is being flat dragged or jigged.

With the majority of weight focused in the rear of the lure it is designed for wide angle and long casting.

The curved diversion design incorporated into the rear of the lure provides a lively action when sinking.

The three concaves provide three separate light ray reflections resulting in an effect of alternating light and shadow.

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