Berkley NITRO 1/2oz (Owner #2/0) Jig Heads
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Berkley NITRO 1/2oz (Owner #2/0) Jig Heads

Model: BJ-NOJ1/2-2/0
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  • BRAND: Berkley
  • BREED: NITRO 1/2oz (Owner #2/0)
  • SIZE: 1/2 oz with #2/0 owner hook
  • UNITS/ PACK: 5
Product Description:

The Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads are our number one seller when it comes to heavy duty jig heads simply because they are so perfect in design. The Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads are built to Australian specifications to handle the toughest fish out there! The Nitro Saltwater Pro jig heads always find their mark with the ultra-strong Owner hooks which are forged and chemically sharpened. Jig heads just simply don’t come stronger than the mighty Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads.

The Nitro Saltwater Pro Jig Heads have an awesome keeper system to keep the soft baits in place at all times and it’s basically a quad ribbed lead centre that is hidden inside the plastic.


The Nitro Saltwater Pro jig heads are designed for fishing your tackle to the Max! regardless of whether  you are inching line back from a monster head shaking Barra from its treacherous timber hideout, or nailing Snapper from your favourite reef. The Nitro Saltwater Jigs will do the job! And do it well!

  • Owner super strong  hooks
  • Chemically sharpened and coated in a super tin finish to prevent corrosion
  • Traditional Nitro shape and design
  • Designed to resist snagging
  • Keeper system to hold soft plastic firmly in place
  • Ideal for any soft plastic rigging
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