Mepps Spinflex 17g / 20g Soft Baits
Tiger Yellow - 17g
Rs 390.00

Silver Red - 20g
Rs   390.00


Mepps Spinflex 17g / 20g Soft Baits

Model: MSF02-TY
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  • BRAND: Mepps
  • BREED: Spinflex 17g / 20g
  • SIZE: 2
  • UNITS/ PACK: 1 pcs
  • COLOUR: Silver Red - 20g
  • COLOUR: Tiger Yellow - 17g
Product Description:

The key to being a successful fisherman is being versatile and adapting to changing water and weather conditions through the use of the proper lures and techniques. This is why Mepps has introduced the SpinFlextm spinner. This lure is the most versatile, easy to use spinner that Mepps has ever designed.

All SpinFlex spinners feature a perfectly round, forged solid brass head, and correctly balanced components. This means every SpinFlex, drops approximately one foot per second when cast. Depth control is extremely important when fishing, and, it’s here the SpinFlex really shines. It excels at controlled depth count-down fishing.


In addition, all SpinFlex track true with a subtle side-to-side wobble that can turn the head of the most wary game fish.

Design breakthrough incorporated into the SpinFlex is its articulating flexible hook. This flexibility not only gives the bait its name, but also makes this lure very snag resistant when worked in and around wood, rocks or rip-rap. In addition, the pivoting movement of the hook increases hooking percentages by providing hook penetration at several different angles.

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