HAYABUSA X Flasher Fluorocarbon #14 Sabiki Rigs
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HAYABUSA X Flasher Fluorocarbon #14 Sabiki Rigs

Model: HSR-EX121-14
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  • BREED: X Flasher Fluorocarbon #14
  • MOC: Fluorocarbon Lines, Hi-Carbon Hooks
  • SIZE: 14
  • UNITS/ PACK: 1 pc
Product Description:

Hayabusa XFlasher Sabiki

Anglers around the world has always appreciated the fish catching capabilities of the Hayabusa Sabikis and hence is regarded as the best Sabikis in the world and are built with the best of the components to perform.


  • Seaguar Flourocarbon lines
  • Extremely high quality Hayabusa Hooks
  • Genuine Fish Skin
  • High quality Flasher threads
  • Glow in the Dark Trims

Sabiki  Size 14

Main Line - 30Lb test

Branches - 22Lb test  

6 branches with Fish Skin and Flasher skirting

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