CarpZoom Plasma Dip - Scopex Honey (130ml) Carp Bait
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CarpZoom Plasma Dip - Scopex Honey (130ml) Carp Bait

Model: CZ-PDSH8952
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  • BRAND: CarpZoom
  • BREED: Plasma Dip - Scopex Honey (130ml)
  • FLAVOUR: Scopex Honey
Product Description:

The Plasma Dip stays on the bait much longer than regular dips thanks to the gel-like, thick consitency. Also, there is no need for long soaking periods, just place the hooked bait in the dip, wait a few seconds and it is ready to catch the fish for you.

Pack size - 130ml Jar

Flavour - Scopex Honey


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